Ricci Law, PLC is a client focused general law practice serving Eastern and Central Vermont that is committed to providing excellent, timely, and cost-effective legal services. We place a premium on the individual attention every client deserves and expects. Attorney-client relationships are rooted in the principles of mutual respect and honesty, and a belief that frequent, open communication between attorneys and clients fosters the cooperative relationship that is necessary to achieve the most satisfactory result.

Ricci Law represents primarily individuals, families and small businesses in need of legal counsel. We concentrate in the areas of criminal law, family law, employment law, and general civil litigation. In addition we perform transactional matters, draft legal documents, handle wills and estates, real estate foreclosures, and business entity formation. We pride ourselves in offering reasonable, flexible costs to our clients.

The Law Office itself is located in downtown Windsor, Vermont. Please contact Ricci Law if you believe we can assist you or someone you know.